Sunday, 26 August 2012

School:/ and an insight to a crazy Sunday!

It's almost time for me to go back to school:/ I currently have nothing I need for school besides an A3 sketch pad for Art Photograpghy&Graphics.

BUT, on a brighter note(kinda), my cousins spending the weekend at my house and on Tuesday we're going to my Nan's house. Can't wait to see my Nan again:)
A little insight into my Sunday:)

We had a Lamb dinner today. Two legs of lamb between 8 people- me, my sister, my mum, my dad, my neice, my brothers girlfriend, my cousin and Jaden- and the bones for the dogs. 
Now, seeing as we have two dogs, a japanese Akita and a Staffy(both female), they each had a bone. But did that help to stop them fighting over them? Hmm, let me think.... NO! Just before the dinner was going to be put out, my Staffy attacks my Akita over a bone>:(
Rhea (my brothers girlfriend), Tia (my cousin) and myself were stood outside at the time. Rhea shouted for my dad, whilst I stood there(I wasn't about to get between them) shouting at them to stop. My dad comes running out and goes to seperate them... except Misty(Staffy) doesn't want to let go of Kia's(Akita) lip.
   They were seperated eventually. Neither of them were majorly hurt(Misty had small scratches on her ear and neck). But still, incidents like this can't go without some form of reprecussion. One of the dogs had caught my dad's thumb and had cut it... making blood get on the floor outside, inside and on the patio door. GROSS! 
Also, I had a panic attack. Even as I'm typing this about two hours after the incident, my hands are still shaking:(
 The incident led us to the following decisions:

  • The dogs are not allowed bones anymore.
  • No more bowls of tea for Kia in the morning.
  • Misty is not allowed to sleep IN my parents bed(yes, she actually sleeps in the bed like a person. Weird, right?)
  • Misty is not allowed any toys.
  • Neither of them are allowed treats.
We need a first aid kit... which my dad is to buy of eBay lol:)

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